Afterschool Program

What is The Afterschool Program offered at Los Prados?

Afterschool programs can be defined broadly as any program that provides child care for elementary and middle school youth when students are not at school, and parents are not at home. This school-age program allows the parents to have a piece of mind to know that their children are safe and is NO COST to the current residents of our community.

A more stringent definition would add that an afterschool program meets the supervision expectations of working parent(s) who want enrichment for their child, or have been recommended by the school for extra academic support.

This program offer at Los Prados is only offered after school between the hours of 3 PM - 6 PM and often during non-school days, such as holidays or summer vacation.

This program designed to offer safe, secure places that children and youth can go to on a regular basis when schools are not in session.

Whom does it Serve?

Los Prados’s afterschool program is generally designed to serve children and youth in kindergarten through grade eight. It is important to remember that this afterschool programs is not just serve the children of our community, but also the parents of the children, and is designed to meet the needs of both the children and parents.

Why Implement an Afterschool Program?

Benefits of an afterschool program are widespread. Quality afterschool programs provide a safe, nurturing place of supervision for school age children where there are opportunities to reinforce learning from school, teach social skills and encourage good citizenship. Being involved in an afterschool program helps youth avoid unsafe situations and behaviors such as:

  • Being home after school without adult supervision
  • Having a peace of mind know that your child is safe
  • Enrichment learning
  • Fun environment where kids can play with others and learn communication skills.